Saturday, 5 November 2011

Aawaz naye Bharat ki-ODI

Opinion de India - Indians against Corruption!

If You have the WILL - We have the MEANS

The Idea of Opinion de India is to use mobile telephony in creating awareness and public opinion against corruption in India. Recently, India witnessed anti-graft (anti-corruption) demonstration by Anna Hazare, where the common man to have struck a cord with this movement. Finally, the government had to relent and get the debated clauses for the Law-making debate in the India Parliament.

Indian society is heavily entrenched in the throes of rampant corruption from the lowest level to the highest in our society. Thus, Mobile medium is thought to an appropriate medium to reach the highest and the lowest in Indian Society and create a case against corruption.

This project aims at using the Mobile telephony as the medium for the cause – i.e Anti-Corruption.
Idea is to use form a public opinion through constant public campaign, create media events, organize public shows/ demonstrations and convince people to relinquish the corrupt practices.

Idea is to use form a public opinion through constant public campaign, create media events, organize public shows/ demonstrations and convince people to relinquish the corrupt practices.
The second part of the strategy is to use the mobile as a device to catch the erring official, citizens (record their videos and record their voices) and use these to publically sham these individuals (no Legal purpose). Idea will to bring Public Humiliation and not legal charges.

The aim of the campaign will be to glorify the Indian masses with integrity and honest living and sham the dishonest. With the popular support and sentiments that India has witnessed in the recent past, it’s expected that many celebrities (Actors, Sports personalities etc.) will join this campaign.

The selective dissemenation of the corruption messages could be geographical location basis - which means the members can organise the demonstration (all Gandhian - Non-violent protests) against the erring government official/ citizen locally. This will put pressure on the officials in their immediate environment and help correct their behaiour - for they risk fall in the social grace with neighbours, friends and relatives.

In short Idea is to have a Mobile tweets against Corruption. Organise demos against those caught taking bribes etc. create a public opinion, which exemplifies honest and integrity in life.

Mobile Phones with have become everyone's 24/7 life partner. A personal yet social device create a tremendous leverage for learning and behaviour modification. As a Educationist I have implemented lots of learning solutions for adults and children. Information retention, Opinion formation and ultimately Behaviour change have occured 2-3 times faster than the comparitive desktops or laptop usage.

Mobile twitting based platform will be created to inform the members of the activities of Opinion de India. Apart from this the Opinion de India platform could be used to generate funds for causes like disasters, calamities or poverty-alleviation etc.

Innovative contribution collection modes will be devised for a person to pay their contributions to the causes via pledging their telecom monthly bill or the prepaid card. The collections will be collected via the various telecom operators.

Opinion de India aims to make the integrity of Indians as more fashionable and   honest way to live thereby slurring on the dishonest.

The public shame that Opinion de India could bring to the dishonest will be deterrent for the dishonest and help correct the behavior/ tendencies to accept or give bribes.Innovative behavior correcting endorsements and digital “pats-on-the-back” will be devised to correct the erring Indians.

Membership is free or donation based. The platform will be sending messages to members about corruption cases. Small action groups will be encouraged at the local, community level, which will consist of highly motivated individuals, who will spearhead the campaign. 

periodically celebrities will be enrolled to have Anti-corruption drives in innovative ways.